Quartz Cleaning Service

Quartz is considered to be the cost-effective replacement for high end natural stones like marble and granite. Although it is engineered, quartz has several unique properties that make it a great option for luxurious floors, wall panels, countertops and other installations in homes, offices, business and numerous public spaces. This stone offers both functional and design benefits in living and work spaces.

The durability of quartz is one of the key qualities that make it a preference of many people when it comes to building projects. The material is nonporous, which also enables it to withstand damage by water and liquid spills. Quartz also offers endless design options because of its wide range of colours and styles. Besides, it is also a low maintenance stone that does not require frequent resealing.

Quartz is undoubtedly a prestigious stone that will keep your spaces beautiful and comfortable for many years to come. However, it also requires proper cleaning to preserve the stones in great shape over time.

Benefits of Professional Quartz Cleaning

Regular and proper quartz cleaning is one of the highly recommended care procedures that you should perform to preserve the integrity of the stones. Quartz is a resilient material but, it can also succumb to various threats both indoors and outdoors. The following are the key benefits of performing professional quartz cleaning.

Preserves the appearance of the stones

Regardless of the particular areas where quartz is used on your building, it can easily collect dirt, grime and stains over time if the surfaces are neglected. While quartz can hide these elements in the early stages, leaving them to accumulate on the surfaces can impact a faded and old look. Accumulated stubborn stains on the surfaces will inhibit the aesthetics, thereby also creating a bad impression across the spaces.

Professional quartz cleaning is done using quality products and techniques that will effectively remove all the dirt, grime and stains from quartz surfaces. Specialized stain treatment can also be performed on stubborn stains, thereby allowing the stones to exhibit their authentic looks and feel.

Kills germs and bacteria

Due to the nonporous property of quartz, it is not easy for germs and bacteria to find a breeding ground on the surfaces. But, chipped and cracked quartz can harbour germs and bacteria, which will only expose you and your family to health and safety risks. Professional regular quartz cleaning is also aimed at disinfecting the surfaces to prevent germs and bacteria. That will go a long way in maintaining proper hygiene across the home.

Early detection of defects

Despite the outstanding durability of quartz, it may also experience chipping and cracks from repeated traffic and accidents. Professional quartz cleaning is not only about reviving the appearance of the stones. Proper inspections are among the key procedures conducted during professional quartz cleaning.

The assessments done before the cleaning ensures that signs of damage are detected on time. As a result, you can have them addressed before any serious issues arise. Depending on the defects and extent of impact, you can opt for professional quartz restoration, repair or maintenance service.

Hire Professional Quartz Cleaning Service Singapore

If you are looking to hire a professional for quartz cleaning service Singapore, Polishing Singapore is the right partner to engage. Our company specializes in professional quartz cleaning service Singapore for all kinds of quartz installations including flooring, countertops and walls in homes and commercial buildings. With our expertise and experience, we guarantee tailor made quartz cleaning service that will truly surpass your expectations.

We clearly understand the unique properties of quartz as well as the threats that the stones are exposed to in both living and work areas. Whenever you hire us for quartz cleaning, our experts will first conduct a proper assessment to ascertain its condition. Depending on the state of the quartz and your needs, we provide custom cleaning service that safely and effectively removes all kinds of dirt, grime and stains from quartz surfaces.

Our company emphasizes long term quartz cleaning solutions. That is why after cleaning the surfaces, our experts can also advise you on simple quartz care procedures that you can easily perform at home to keep the stones in great condition over time. Get in touch with us today for professional and reliable quartz cleaning service Singapore.

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