Granite Restoration Service

Granite is one of the most prestigious building materials. In the past, it was only reserved for the royals and a few elites that mainly used in on their extravagant palaces and monuments. Granite is a common material in many historic buildings where it was used for its exceptional strength and beauty. The natural stone comes in various styles and shades with refined looks that create a focal attraction every space.

Due to its outstanding resilience and aesthetics, granite serves a wide range of applications in homes and public spaces. The key applications of granite include flooring, walls, countertops, vanity tops, pavements, monuments and shower areas. Practically, these are areas that usually experience repeated traffic and a lot of activities that could easily cause imperfections and damage to the granite surfaces.

Professional granite restoration is the most suitable care procedure that you need in order to revive granite from the effects of ageing and common imperfections.

Why Conduct Granite Restoration

The main reason why some people usually ignore granite restoration is because they do not understand the benefits. The following are key reasons why it is critical to hire our professional granite restoration service for the granite surfaces on your building.

Enhance the longevity of granite

Granite is undeniably strong, even stronger than marble. The material can take a lot of beating from frequent traffic, stains, scratches, etching and grime over time. However, these elements can quickly wear out the material if they are left to accumulate on the surfaces. Granite restoration entails a series of procedures that seek to effectively remove traffic marks, scratches, etching, stains and grime. Doing so will significantly revive the strength and appeal of the granite, thereby extending its lifespan.

Preserve the natural beauty of granite

Apart from removing the surface imperfections, granite restoration also involves the applications of a sealant over the surfaces. The sealant is a protective layer that cushions the surfaces from liquid spills, stains and contaminants, which often create a dull effect on granite. That will properly preserve the authentic appearance of granite. The protective layer enables the surfaces to deflect stains and dirt, which will also speed up your cleaning routine.

Saves you money and time

Without proper granite restoration, you are only creating room for more scratches, etching and stain to accumulate on the surfaces. As a result, the granite will wear out much faster, putting you through recurring repairs. In some cases, you may even have to replace parts of the granite. All these could cost you an arm and leg. Granite restoration ensures that imperfections and signs of damage are effectively addressed before causing serious threats.

Proper granite restoration will also keep the surfaces looking good and in great shape over time, thereby saving you the stress of daily and more indulging cleaning routine.

Hire Professional Granite Restoration Service Singapore

Now that you understand the greater benefits of granite restoration, all you need is an expert to handle the job. And, Polishing Singapore is your best bet for professional granite restoration service Singapore. We provide tailor made granite restoration solutions for granite flooring, walls, countertops, vanity tops, pavements, shower areas as well as monuments in homes, commercial buildings and public spaces across Singapore.

Due to the series of threats that granite surfaces are often exposed to, we offer a comprehensive granite restoration service that comprises of various care procedures and treatments. The main procedures covered in our granite restoration service include specialized granite cleaning, repair, polishing and resealing.

We clean granite surfaces using quality stone cleaning products that are proven effective for removing stubborn stains, dirt and grime. The cleaning solutions will also kill all germs and bacteria on the surfaces. In case your granite has defects like scratches, etching or cracks, we will also properly fix them to avoid further surface damage. Our experts will then, polish the surfaces to bring back the sparkle and natural beauty of granite. Finally, we will also carefully re-seal the granite to enhance its resilience to liquids.

At Polishing Singapore, we are committed to the ultimate granite restoration solutions that will enable you to preserve your precious assets in the best condition for years to come. Talk to us today for professional granite restoration service Singapore.

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