Parquet Floor Polishing

Parquet is one of the most popular flooring materials installed on both residential and commercial spaces today. Parquet flooring comprises of 100% wood, which offers almost similar attributes to solid wooden floors. The flooring material is manufactured using three separate layers of wood carefully arranged in 90 degree angles. That kind of design ensures better stability and resilience for parquet floors.

At the top of the flooring, there is a special wear layer that protects the other layers from the pressures impacted by foot traffic, heavy furniture and other activities across the spaces. Besides the durability of parquet flooring, it also has an authentic sense of beauty that imitates natural wood. As such, parquet floors not only creates an impression of style but, also adds to the warmth of the spaces where they are installed.

Parquet flooring is mainly considered an incredible option for creating classic or traditional looks in living and work spaces. With better care, parquet floors can keep your spaces looking sharp and stylish for many years to come. However, similar to other types of floors; parquet floors can also experience various kinds of issues that may result in damage. Besides, the floors will also wear off after some time.

At Polishing Singapore, we are the experts that you should always engage to take the best care of your parquet floors. We offer comprehensive parquet floor polishing services to enable you preserve the functional and aesthetic value of your parquet floors.

Our parquet floor polishing services

Parquet Floor Restoration

Parquet floors are generally very stable, resilient and long lasting. But, their long service life can also be suddenly cut short without proper care. For instance, if you do not fix small issues like chips and cracks on time, they can quickly develop into various sections of the floor. Besides, the continuous exposure of parquet to temperature and moisture can also wear out the floors faster, making them to look old. The best remedy for reviving the floors is our professional parquet floor restoration service. Our parquet floor restoration service entails a series of treatments aimed at reviving the functional and practical attributes of the floors. We can help you to effectively restore the lost glory of your parquet floors without any financial burden.

Parquet Floor Cleaning

The wear layer on the surface of parquet is substantially thick and can withstand stains and liquid spills from seeping into the layers beneath it. However, constant traffic and activities on the floors can leave behind lingering dirt and stubborn stains, thereby weathering the surfaces much faster. On the other hand, the floors can also harbor bacteria, mold and mildew and other allergens, putting you in great health and safety dangers. Professional routine parquet floor cleaning is the best way through which you can easily avoid all those risks. Proper regular cleaning will not only improve the appearance and lifespan of your floors but, also enhance overall appeal of your spaces. We guarantee highly reliable parquet floor cleaning service tailored to your specific schedule and needs.

Parquet Floor Repair

While parquet floors have a long service life, a lot of things can still go wrong, resulting into different forms of damage. Since parquet flooring is made of wood layers, it is subject to moisture and temperature changes. Extreme moisture and temperatures can impact swelling or contractions, thereby making the floors to become unstable. Besides, the floors can also experience surface defects including scratches, cracks and chips over time. But, these do not mean that the floors must be replaced. We can provide custom parquet floor repair services to help you resolve all the above and other complex parquet floor problems. Our professionals can also correct parquet installation mistakes to enable you get the most of the floors.

Parquet Floor Maintenance

If you have chosen to install a parquet floor in your home or commercial space, you will no doubt want to preserve it in the best condition as possible over time. To achieve that, there are various kinds of care procedures that should be performed on parquet floors. Regular cleaning is one of the highly recommended procedures but, there are additional works like parquet stain treatment and damage protection that are also required to keep the floors in proper condition.  On your own, performing these procedures may not be easy. Sometimes, you may even end up causing more damage to the floors. Instead of taking such unnecessary risks, simply let us provide professional parquet floor maintenance. We will also advise you on the key tips for preserving the beauty and functionality of your parquet floors.

Why Choose Polishing Singapore for Parquet Floor Polishing Service

Despite the outstanding durability and unique aesthetics of parquet floors, taking care of them can be very tricky and costly if you do not know how to go about it. Parquet flooring requires special care and handling that only an expert can guarantee. At Polishing Singapore, we take pride in our ability to deliver custom parquet floor polishing solutions that will not only keep your floors looking good and safe but, also enhance their longevity.

Our company offers parquet floor polishing services for homes, offices, commercial spaces, hospitals and schools across Singapore. In our work, we always seek to provide tailor made parquet floor polishing services that meet your specific needs and preferences. The fact that we specialize in comprehensive parquet floor polishing services also ensures greater convenience since it enables you to always get the required services under one roof.

Choosing Polishing Singapore for parquet floor polishing comes with the following guarantees.

  • Trained and experienced parquet floor polishing personnel
  • Reliable parquet floor polishing service offered at your convenience
  • Parquet floor polishing service for residential and commercial buildings
  • Affordable parquet floor polishing

At Polishing Singapore, we also have the most competitive rates in the industry so you never have to spend more on parquet floor polishing. Besides, we have in-house parquet floor polishing equipment to serve you right on location without any delays.

Contact us today for professional parquet floor polishing service Singapore.

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