Marble Cleaning Service

Marble is a highly durable and elegant natural stone used in construction and design. Whether used in living or work spaces, marble has a distinctive royal appeal that sparks a unique aroma of class and style in every way. In the ancient times, it was a reserve of the rich and powerful in society. Even today, marble comes with a price tag that not very many people can easily get their hands on.

In case you have marble in your home, office or business space, it is important to remember that it can also weather with time. Since marble is usually used in areas with high traffic and lots of hazardous activities, there is no doubt it will never stay the same. However, proper marble cleaning can effectively preserve the looks of the surfaces and extend their lifespan if it is done regularly.

Why Perform Regular Marble Cleaning

Marble cleaning is one of the best care procedures that should be consistently conducted to keep the surfaces in proper condition over time. The following are key reasons why it is always recommended to perform regular professional marble cleaning.

Enhance the beauty of marble

Accumulated stains, grime and dirt can quickly wear out even brand new marble surfaces, leaving them looking pale and old. As a result, it will not be able to serve the decorative purposes on your spaces. Proper regular cleaning will ensure that the surfaces are always looking great with all the designs and patterns of the stones clearly visible.

Proper hygiene and comfort

If your marble surfaces are not regularly cleaned, they can also accumulate bacteria and other germs over time. These could put you and the other people in your home at greater risks of infections. Professional marble cleaning is conducted using disinfectants that are safe to the stones but, fatal to bacteria and germs. That will surely help with eliminating the health and safety risks in your home.

Grime, stains and dirt can also fade away the soft appeal of marble. Consistent cleaning will effectively eliminate all these elements, making the surfaces to look and feel smooth again. That will no doubt enhance the comfort and overall appeal of your spaces.

Saves you money

Our professional marble cleaning can also save you money in many ways. During the cleaning process, stone experts also perform proper inspections of the surfaces to determine signs of defects and imperfections. That ensures issues of damage or other problems are detected and resolved early before they develop. As a result, you will avoid costly repairs and replacements.

Regular marble cleaning will keep your marble surfaces in top notch condition over time, thereby also enabling you to avoid repetitive maintenance procedures.

Hire Professional Marble Cleaning Service Singapore

While marble is quite durable and resilient to various forms of damage, it is also soft and porous. Besides, marble is also very sensitive to acids and using just any household detergent to clean the surfaces can cause serious damage.  All these facts suggest that the cleaning of marble requires a better understanding of the stone’s unique qualities and a lot of care too. Instead of taking the risks, let Polishing Singapore handle the cleaning of your marble.

We specialize in professional marble cleaning for all kinds of marble surfaces including tabletops, floors, walls, countertops, and lobbies among others. Our company focuses on comprehensive marble cleaning service that entails proper sweeping and dusting, wiping and moping and sealing.

After a thorough inspection of the surfaces, we will properly sweep and mop the surfaces using soft wool to effectively remove all the dust and loose dirt. Our experts understand the unique properties of marble and, only use safe organic stone cleaning solutions. We use high quality marble cleaning products proven safe and effective for removing stubborn dirt, grime and stains from the surfaces.

The marble cleaning solutions that we use are also effective in killing bacteria and germs, thereby leaving your spaces spotless and safe. Our experts will also properly dry the surfaces after cleaning. To protect the surfaces from accumulating dirt, grime, stains and germs, we will also apply natural stone sealant. Our cleaners can also perform any other additional marble care procedures that you may need besides cleaning.

Contact Polishing Singapore today for professional marble cleaning service Singapore.

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