Granite Countertop Restoration Service

Whenever most people hear about granite, they usually think of kitchen countertops. Granite is a popular material for constructing elegant and durable kitchen countertops. This natural stone has immense strength that even beats marble. Granite also has an authentic beauty with unique styles that inflict a classy and luxurious twist to not only the countertops but, also entire kitchen.

Despite the outstanding qualities of granite, it is not damage proof. In fact, there are several things and activities in the kitchen that can cause significant damage to your granite countertops. Besides, granite also wears out with time just like other natural stones. The best remedy to all these threats is proper and regular granite countertop restoration service that we offer at Polishing Singapore.

Why Perform Granite Countertop Restoration

Granite countertop restoration is one of the key care procedures that you must undertake in order to preserve the integrity of your countertops. Without the procedure, there is a lot that can go wrong, hindering you from experiencing all the natural qualities of granite. The following are the main reasons why you should perform professional granite countertop restoration.

Eliminate surface defects

The granite countertops in kitchens provide a platform for placing various kinds of cooking appliances and performing different activities. These can result in a wide range of surface defects including scratches, etching and even cracks that make the surfaces rough and uneven. Surface imperfections can also impact quick wear.

One of the critical procedures in granite countertop restoration is repair, which ensures that all the surface defects are effectively eliminated. That will not only restore the fine texture of granite surfaces but, also improve their resilience over time.

Preserve the aesthetics of granite

Granite has a natural sense of beauty that stands apart regardless of the styles or shades of the stones. However, that beauty can easily fade away if stains, grime and dirt are left to accumulate on the surfaces. Granite countertop restoration entails proper granite cleaning with quality products proven safe and effective for removing stubborn stains on natural stones. As a result, the surfaces will be able to regain their lost shine and lustre, thereby keeping them looking great.

Maintain proper hygiene

Regardless of the condition of your kitchen, germs and bacteria are common guests that can easily find breeding grounds in neglected granite countertops. That could impact risks of food contamination and health issues. The intense granite cleaning that is done during restoration can also effectively kill all the germs and bacteria present on the surfaces. The result is sparkling and hygienic kitchen countertops that you will always enjoy working on.

By conducting proper granite countertop restoration, you will not need to spend a lot of time and effort on cleaning the surfaces. Since restoration can effectively eliminate stubborn stains, dirt and grime, a fast wipe with a sponge and mild soap is just enough to keep the surfaces looking good.

Hire Professional Granite Countertop Restoration Service

In case you are looking to restore the natural qualities of your granite countertop, Polishing Singapore is the expert to engage for professional granite countertop restoration service. We guarantee quality workmanship that will enable you to effectively eliminate all surface imperfections, preserve the aesthetics of your kitchen countertops and, also maintain proper hygienic standards therein.

As it suggests, our granite countertop restoration service seeks to revive the authentic durability, beauty and lustre of granite. To achieve that, we perform various specific granite care procedures including custom cleaning, repairs, polishing and re-sealing. We emphasize these treatments to ensure that your granite countertops are accorded all-round care that will truly preserve them in the best condition over time.

The first step in our granite countertop restoration service is cleaning, which we do using high quality organic stone cleaning solutions. The cleaning not only removes dirt, grime and stubborn stains but, also kills germs and bacteria. After cleaning, our experts will also carefully inspect and rid the surfaces of defects like scratches, etching and cracks. We will also properly polish the countertops to bring out the natural lustre of granite. For extra surface protection, we will also re-seal your granite countertops with natural stone sealant.

For professional granite countertop restoration service Singapore, do not hesitate to talk to us!

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