Marble Repolishing Service

For many decades now, marble has continued to be the flooring material of choice for many people around the world. Apart from just the floors, marble is also used on walls, tabletops and countertops, especially in kitchens. The versatility and timelessness of this natural masterpiece are among the key reasons why it dominates many building projects. Marble has a distinctive beauty, soft appeal and outstanding resilience the makes it quite long lasting.

Due to its luxurious, exquisite and expensive tastes, incorporating marble in your home could also significantly increase the value of the property. However, marble also has certain weaker properties that could impact quick wear if they are not properly addressed. Thus, it is important that you know about these threats and, how to effectively resolve them in order to preserve your marble surfaces in top notch condition.

Common Marble Defects

Despite the durability of marble, the fact that the materials are used on floors, walls, table tops and countertops exposes them to various kinds of threats. Your ability to keep the surfaces looking good under such threats depends on how fast they are detected and resolved. Nevertheless, the most common defects that you can expect on marble surfaces include stains, etching or scratch marks and bacteria.

While these defects have different impacts, all of them can significantly ruin the appearance, feel and overall durability of the marble surfaces. The surfaces can experience staining from liquids, grease and other substances used therein. Etching can result from accidents, foot marks and sharp objects used on countertops. Since marble is porous, it can also harbor bacteria, especially if used in humid spaces.

Some of these defects can be easily spotted on the surfaces whenever they occur. However, others like etching and bacteria may not be very easy to detect until very late. Regardless of the particular defects on your marble surfaces, marble repolishing is the best treatment that should be done to revive their appeal. Without immediate and proper marble repolishing, these defects can quickly take toll on the surfaces, forcing you into early replacement.

Why Perform Marble Repolishing

There are numerous benefits that you can achieve with the professional marble repolishing service that we offer at Polishing Singapore. The following are the key reasons why your marble surfaces should be repolished.

Improved aesthetics

Professional marble repolishing integrates a series of treatments aimed at removing stains, etches and scratches. We use the best quality and proven products for removing all kinds of light and stubborn stains from marble surfaces. Besides, we also eliminate signs of etching and scratches that make the surfaces rough. By eliminating all the stains and scratch marks, your marble surfaces will no doubt regain their old shine and soft appeal. With our marble repolishing service, you can easily reclaim an old and neglected marble surface.

Enhanced durability

Although surface defects like etching may not seem like a big deal, they can gradually weaken the material. If they are neglected for too long, etches can develop into cracks, causing serious threat to the floors, walls and countertops. Regular marble repolishing ensures that even the slightest etches are effectively fixed on time, thereby extending the lifespan of the material.

Maintain proper hygiene

Without consistent marble repolishing, the surfaces can also accumulate bacteria and stains, presenting health and safety risks to your family.  Regular and professional marble repolishing will not only remove the stains and bacteria but, also provide a protective sealant to enable the surfaces to withstand those defects over time.

Hire Professional Marble Repolishing Service Singapore

Marble is a very sensitive material that can easily get damaged if you do not know the appropriate approaches for repolishing it. Marble repolishing is an extensive procedure that requires stone restoration expertise and unique tools and techniques. These are some of the reasons why you should only allow a professional to perform the repolishing of your marble flooring, walls, tabletops and countertops.

True to our name, Polishing Singapore is the expert that you should engage for professional marble repolishing service Singapore. We specialize in custom marble repolishing service for marble floors, tables, countertops, vanity tops and walls. By choosing our company, you are always guaranteed reliable and lasting solutions. Talk to us today for professional marble repolishing service Singapore.

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