Stone is one of the most sophisticated flooring materials that not only give your spaces a touch of class but, unique decor too. Stone is smooth, shiny and also durable enough to withstand wear and tear for a very long time. Besides, the versatility, easy maintenance and economical value of stone also make it an incredible option for floors, countertops and other surfaces.  

Stone polishing, restoration and cleaning are the key maintenance procedures recommended to preserve the materials in proper condition over time. At Stone Polishing Singapore, we specialize in professional stone polishing, restoration and cleaning services for a various types of stones in homes, offices and business spaces.

Our Comprehensive stone polishing, restoration and cleaning services

Marble Polishing Service

Apart from just the flooring, marble is also used on countertops, tabletops and fireplaces. Most people prefer marble because of its striking aesthetic appeal and low maintenance. Since it is a porous stone, marble can succumb to scratches and stains over time. Our company offers the following marble polishing services Singapore.

Our marble polishing services are aimed at enhancing the durability of the stones as well as improving their overall looks and feel.

Granite Polishing Service

Granite is a popular material for floors and countertops. Some also prefer to use in the dining areas to spark a touch of elegance into their spaces. It not only adds to the style of the rooms but, can also significantly increase the value of your home. However, these can only be achieved through regular professional granite polishing.

We provide all inclusive granite polishing services that include the following.

Do not hesitate to get in touch with us for professional and reliable granite polishing services Singapore.

Quartz Polishing Service

Quartz is a renowned high-end material mainly used on countertops. For decades, quartz has dominated many kitchen and bathroom projects. A majority of people prefer it because of its classy appeal, durability, even surfaces and low maintenance. Also known as engineered stone, quartz looks just like solid natural stones. We specialize in comprehensive quartz polishing services including.

With our quartz polishing services, you will be able to easily preserve the great looks and also extend the lifespan of your countertops.

Terrazzo Polishing Service

Terrazzo has consistently dominated several building projects over the years mainly because of its outstanding durability. The multi-purpose flooring material also works great on walls and stairs. Architects also love it because of the extensive design opportunities that it offers. Although some have reservations over its vintage appeal, the unique design capabilities of terrazzo enables it to blend in with different kinds of décor.

Our terrazzo polishing service covers the following areas.

We can help you take the best care of your terrazzo flooring to keep them in great shape and, also extend their lifespan.

Onyx Polishing Service

Onyx is a rare natural gemstone used to create exquisite and smooth flooring in homes and office spaces. Due to its translucent properties, onyx can reflect light to create a unique center of attraction with a glowing effect across your spaces. Its outstanding aesthetic value gives it a distinctive classy appeal sets every space where it is used apart. But, the material requires proper maintenance and care in order to retain these properties. Our company is the professional that you should engage for custom onyx polishing service Singapore.

Sandstone Polishing Service

Sandstone is preferred by many because of its distinctive rustic, sleek and softer appeal that infuses a strong sense of class in every space where it is installed. Besides, it is sandstone is an eco-friendly flooring alternative also used on countertops. Similar to other natural stones, sandstone also weathers with time. To help you preserve the sandstone surfaces in your home in great condition, our company also provides professional sandstone polishing service.

Limestone Polishing Service

Limestone is considered to be the ideal flooring material for creating minimalist décor. And, that is why it has continued to dominate many living and work spaces today. Besides, limestone also has a striking shine that creates a spark of glamour and style in every room where it is installed. Its outstanding heat resistance properties also make it ideal for kitchen countertops. However, the material is prone to various defects that could cause quick wear and tear. We can help you to avoid all that with custom limestone polishing service.

Travertine Polishing Service

Travertine is a robust flooring material popular with ancient architecture.  However, it has recently made a comeback in the building industry. Used on both floors and walls, travertine is a cheaper but, long lasting stone with incredible aesthetic qualities. Due to its porous nature, travertine requires consistent care and maintenance. Simply talk to us for professional travertine polishing services Singapore.

Tile and Grout Cleaning Service

Tiles and grouts not only make your spaces to look beautiful but, also clean. Tiles have an attractive shine and intricate designs that set every space apart. However, they also collect dirt, grime and other elements from the environment and users, which could impact health and safety risks. To help you preserve the tiles and grout in your home in proper condition, we offer professional tile and grout cleaning services for the following.

Apart from the above tile and grout cleaning services, our company also offers professional patio cleaning and balcony cleaning services.

Order Professional Stone Polishing, Restoration & Cleaning Singapore

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